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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Top Ten Tokyo Drinking Districts

Above, a view of the Tokyo Skytree from Mori Tower. There are drinking
districts below and behind all these buildings. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Ever wondered where Tokyoites go to raise a glass or two?

Well, RocketNews 24 has the answer! They have posted an article on the top 10 drinking districts in Tokyo.

They begin with:
The number of foreign visitors visiting Japan has increased recently, and with Tokyo set to host the 2020 Olympic Games that trend is likely to continue. Now is the perfect opportunity for the city to show off its offerings as a must-see destination. 
In an effort to appeal to and satisfy more tourists, a recent survey of Japanese Tokyoites ranked the top 10 drinking districts that they think tourists to Japan should visit to see and experience the “real” Tokyo.

When showing visitors around to the usual ordinary sightseeing spots, it can get a little boring. One of the best things about traveling is to see and experience the authentic side of a city where the locals let their hair down and you can see the true heart of a place.
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