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Monday, October 5, 2015

Allan Hoffenblum Dies At 75

Above, Allan Hoffenblum.

Allan Hoffenblum, GOP political strategist and publisher of California Target Book, died at 75.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Hoffenblum died at home due to unspecific causes last Friday. It reported that he had been in declining health in recent weeks.

I met Hoffenblum back in 1974 during Assemblyman Paul Bannai's re-election campaign.

Hoffenblum himself ran for the state assembly seat being vacated by Robert G. Beverly in 1976 in a crowded field of GOP candidates during the primary. I backed R. Spencer Douglass during that race which was ultimately won by Marilyn Ryan.

I found Hoffenblum to be affable. He knew his stuff in campaign management, although I did fault him for taking on too many campaigns at once in 1980, which caused the losses of Assemblymen Bannai and Robert Hayes.

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1 comment:

Gary said...

So sorry to see him go. But the mailers he put out for Hayes were pure 100% crap. We did better in 1978 with our own mailers.

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