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Friday, October 2, 2015

Earl Scheib Paint & Body

Earl Scheib Auto Paint & Body has been around as far as I can remember. I remember those Scheib ads (with the man himself) declaring, "I can paint any car for$29.95!" His price was even cheaper than that (as you'll see below).

I've never used Scheib for any paint or body work (I was never impressed with their paint jobs and I had only one occasion where I repainted a car).

Well, those prices have since gone up over the years.

Here's three ads from Scheib:

Earl Scheib, the company founder, died in 1992 and the company ceased nationwide operations in 2010. There are some shops still in operation in Southern California.

1 comment:

Jay! said...

The old Scheib joke was "Ill paint your car, including the windows, for 29.95!".

The Scheib paint jobs were not reputed to be the greatest. Back then, it had been said if one slipped the painter some extra bucks, he'd do a better job of it.

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