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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Getting The Beast's Vent Fixed

It has been two days since returning from Japan and I still feel the jet lag effects. But they are diminishing.

On Tuesday, outside of finishing my unpacking, my goal was to get the repairs to The Beast's bathroom ceiling vent done. What should've been a minor thing to accomplish for a minor repair, turned into somewhat of a major hassle as Camping World (an authorized warranty repairer) wouldn't return calls to set up a date and time to get the repairs done. Winnebago authorized the warranty repairs on September 2 and sent the parts to Camping World. Camping World had the parts from Winnebago on September 14, even though they told me on September 18 they were still waiting for them. I had to call Winnebago and got information on the date, time and who received them at Camping World two weeks later as I heard nothing from Camping World.

Once armed with that information, I called the service representative at Camping World and he said he would check on available dates and get back to me. He didn't.

Repeated calls to the service representative and the service manager went unanswered until I enlisted the help of Winnebago's customer service department. At first, they weren't getting return calls from Camping World either.

I called Winnebago's customer service department on Tuesday and they immediately jumped on it. They knew ahead of time that I would be in Japan the prior week.

Within an hour of calling Winnebago, I received a call from the Camping World service representative and we set up a repair appointment for next week. Finally!

I'd do the repairs myself, but the vent has an electric fan inside and I didn't feel that I should mess with it since it is under warranty.

If you are considering buying a RV of any type, I do recommend Winnebago as they make quality units and their customer service department is top-notch. Once you're in their system, their records on your vehicle and service/repair history are complete with details that even I couldn't imagine. Yes, they even noted when I would be back from Japan.

If I do go to Chicago for G-FEST next summer, I plan to take a slight detour to visit Winnebago's Forest City, Iowa plant and take the tour of their facilities.

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