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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hotel Sunroute Asakusa

Above, the front entrance of the hotel. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

When planning my recent trip to Japan, I had wanted to make reservations at the Hotel Asia Center of Japan, my favorite hotel in Tokyo, for the Tokyo portion of the trip.

Unfortunately, the hotel has been undergoing renovations and were set to fully reopen at about the time of my trip, so there were no rooms available.

So, I checked around and decided on the Hotel Sunroute Asakusa. I had stayed at another hotel of the Sunroute chain back in 2007, so I wasn't concerned about the quality of the hotel.

The hotel's location was ideal for visits to Sensoji, Nakamise Street, Tokyo Skytree and the Sumida River as it was in walking distance to those places or the subway to others. The Hotel Sunroute Asakusa is just blocks away from the Rox department store and a short cab ride away (the meter never changed) from the Kappabashi "Kitchen Town" distict.

The hotel itself is a modern facility with a very friendly and capable staff and it has a Jonathan's restaurant connected to it for easy access for meals, although the hotel does have room service available. There are also two Denny's restaurants, a Starbucks and a Mr. Donut as well as several convenience stores within walking distance from the hotel. The rooms are typical for Tokyo two and three-star hotels, a bit smallish. But, one does not go to Japan to just sit in a hotel room, right?

Above, a Denny's and a 7-Eleven convenience store within easy walking distance. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The room rate for us was ¥16,550 for two adults, which was reasonable in my view.

We stayed there during the first several days of our vacation before going off to Atami, Osaka and Kyoto and then after our return to Tokyo. We received a hearty "welcome back" from the desk clerk.

If one wants to stay in the Asakusa area of Tokyo, I would recommend the Hotel Sunroute Asakusa.

For their English website, go here.

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