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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Beast Is Now In Perfect Working Order

Above, the roof vent is now "unglued", open and the crank works!

Finally, after weeks of waiting and enduring no return calls, the bathroom ceiling vent has been repaired.

It took calls to Winnebago's customer service department to get the local Camping World to get off their butts to schedule a date to repair the vent, a relatively minor repair. Heat had gotten to the vent cover and it became "glued" shut. When trying to open it, the crank hardware broke, therefore the need to get it all repaired. Fortunately, everything was covered under Winnebago's warranty.

Above, the open vent with the 12-volt fan running. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

But, to Camping World's credit, they got the repairs done (along with a couple of other things I asked them to look into) by 11:00 this morning. Before leaving the premises, I inspected the work done and everything came out fine. (I even checked the roof, to make sure the seals were okay. They were.) With that, I gave the service representative a big "thumb's up" for the work.

So now, everything is in perfect working order with The Beast.

While the repairs were going on, I picked up a few things for The Beast in Camping World's store and at Walmart next door, including a Thermos for coffee while on the road and some new steak knives to replace some old ones. 

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