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Friday, October 30, 2015

Who Was The Most Traveled James Bond?

Above, Sean Connery in Dr. No.

With Spectre set to open next month, the U.K.'s Daily Mail set out to find out which 007 actor "earned the most frequent flier miles" of all.

The results are interesting and Fox News has supplied the data:
James Bond has been traveling the world's most exotic locations for over 50 years on the silver screen. But which actor has earned the most frequent flier miles during his stint as the British secret agent? 
The Daily Mail wanted to find out, so its editors dissected all of the miles traveled and locales visited by every single Bond across 24 movies to find the definitive answer.
It is interesting to note that The Daily Mail did not count Connery's Never Say Never Again. It was an independent production outside of the United Artists/Eon Productions tent.

To find out which Bond was the most traveled, go here.

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