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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Japan Attraction Vendor Photos

Many, if not most, attractions in Japan have vendors who, for a price, take visitors' photos.

I've seen some at the Tokyo Skytree, Kyoto Castle, Tokyo DisneySea and elsewhere. We purchased photos from Kyoto Castle and from the tour company in Kyoto. The dates that the photos were taken are printed on the photos.

These we bought along with the photos that we did at the Asakusa photo studio.

Here they are:

Above, yours truly at Osaka Castle. Note that a bird flew into
the picture for its own "photo bomb". The vendor allowed
people to take their own photos after agreeing to buy theirs..

Above, this shot (and a couple of others) was taken while I was still on the "stage".

Above, the Kyoto tour group photo at Kyomizu-dera. The photos were waiting for
 us at Kyoto Station upon our return outside of the bus door. For purchase, of course.

The average cost per vendor photo was around ¥1,500.

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