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Sunday, November 22, 2015

New Article Submitted To JapanTravel

Above, Geoff Day (far left) and Armand (far right) at lunch with the JapanTravel team last year.

Now that I am getting (somewhat) comfortably settled into my retirement (although I've been told it takes about three months to really get used to it), I now have time to tend to other avenues of writing.

Finally, after several months, I submitted a new article at JapanTravel.com.

JapanTravel began two years ago as JapanTourist and has steadily grown since that time with a great stable of contributors. I've been with them pretty much from the beginning.

Last year, while I was in Tokyo, I met for lunch with operations manager Geoff Day and two other members of the JapanTravel in Roppongi Hills.

Once the new article is approved, I will post a notice on this blog.

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