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Friday, November 20, 2015

November 18, 1992

Good ol' Jim Nolt has a way of making one feel old.

He posted a couple of days ago that it was 23 years ago (November 18, 1992) that Superman #75 hit the stands.

What's so significant about Superman #75? It was the famous "Death of Superman" issue wherein the Man of Steel is killed by the villain Doomsday.

Besides the above pictured newsstand edition, DC Comics also put out a special bagged edition with goodies inside, including a black armband.

Comic book fans lined up at comic shops, newsstands and everywhere else that sold Superman comic books. I made the excuse at work that I had to go to the bank and proceeded to Golden Apple Comics on Melrose (I worked a mile or two away at the time) and waited in line to buy one of each (that was their limit) of the bagged and newsstand editions. My dad ended up buying about a dozen more of the bagged editions, of which I have inherited.

As luck would have it, it was a slow news day, which benefited Superman and DC Comics as all the major news outlets covered the story of "The Death of Superman". I was interviewed (anonymously) by the Los Angeles Times for their story at Golden Apple. I was quoted as giving "I have to go to the bank" excuse in the article.

Those were the days where DC's comics were still worth reading. At that time, my comics buying was confined to Silver Age issues (more for investment purposes).

It is hard to believe that 23 years have passed already.

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