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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Positive Role Model: "Supergirl" Honors Al Plastino

Above, Supergirl gave a nod to the late Superman artist and Supergirl co-creator Al Plastino.

Last night's 2nd episode of Supergirl was another good episode. I think CBS has a hit on their hands.

Many fans are lauding the show as featuring a heroine who wants to be a hero, instead of an angst-ridden psychopath in a costume. Some even go so far as to say that Supergirl is everything the movie Man of Steel should have been, but wasn't.

An interesting article on Supergirl has been posted by Atlanta's CBS 46 (an affiliate of CBS).

It starts with:
ATLANTA (CBS46) -Many watched the series premiere of Supergirl -- already winning praise for a hero who is faster than a speeding bullet, leaps tall buildings in a single bound and empowers young women everywhere.      
CBS46 contributor Kimberley Kennedy used her powers to locate the daughter of Supergirl's co-creator, Maryann Charles, right here in the South. 
Supergirl landed in living rooms across America, but her journey from the doomed planet Krypton actually began over half a century ago, launched by DC Comics as a female counterpart to the man of steel.
Another nice thing about last night's episode, it gave a big nod to Supergirl's co-creator Al Plastino (Maryann Charles's father), Al Plastino.

Read more: http://www.cbs46.com/story/30355078/supergirl-interest-for-positive-role-model-soars#ixzz3qR1OfyWE

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