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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

RocketNews 24: 10 Factors That Make Japan A Safe Country

Above, an Asakusa convenience store. They are always operated by two workers. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

For years, people have been hearing that Japan is either crime-free (not true) or safe (true). There is some crime in Japan, but compared to other first world countries, it is a pretty safe place.

There are several reasons for this and RocketNews 24 has posted an article with ten of them.

They begin with:
We’ve all heard about how safe Japan is. But unless you live here, you may not understand why Japan is considered so safe. The uninitiated may presume that safety is enforced through a rigid society that doesn’t allow freedom of expression, that Japanese people are too worried about losing face to commit a crime, or that the government comes down unnecessarily hard on people who step out of line. In reality, none of these rings true. 
But we can’t deny that there’s one thing that Japan does better than anyone else. Join us after the jump for some insights and our own observations.

The one thing Japan does better than anyone else is that it puts a strong focus on crime prevention. In addition, safety of its citizens is paramount. Here is a list of some factors that we believe help Japan be free from danger.
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