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Monday, November 16, 2015

RocketNews 24 Article On Studio Nanairo

Above, Studio Nanairo's front windows. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

RocketNews 24 must be following this blog for story ideas (admittedly, I follow them for blog ideas) as they recently sent their Mr. Sato to the Asakusa, Tokyo photo studio where Denise Santos and I had our photo shoots done last month and he posted an article on his experience in becoming a samurai. Either that or we're just trend-setters.

They begin with:
If you’ve ever wanted to turn back time and step into the clothes of a well-dressed geisha, a pipe-smoking courtesan or a sword-wielding samurai warrior, we’ve found the perfect place for you!

Located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Studio Nanairo offers customers a wide range of settings and photographic options, and is so large it’s spread out over eight floors of a high-rise building. Our reporter Mr Sato paid a visit to the studio to try out their services, and while he was impressed by their geisha, maiko and oiran (courtesan) packages, he decided to forgo the ladylike styles this time and instead opt for the samurai experience.
Above, Aiden and Denise. Photo by Studio Nanairo.

If you visit Japan (Tokyo specifically) and would like to be photographed in traditional or ancient Japanese settings, Studio Nanairo is the place for you. We had a good time during our photo shoots.

To read more, go here

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