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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Travel + Leisure's World's Best Airlines For Customer Service

Above, a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 at LAX. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Travel + Leisure has posted the results of their survey of air travelers on which 25 airlines provides the best customer service.

They begin their posing with:
The business of flight is notoriously tough: airplane employees have to transport, entertain, and serve passengers—who are essentially captive in a giant tin cylinder hurtling through the sky—for sometimes more than a dozen hours straight. There are no pit-stops, no roadside attractive, and, for most travelers, no choice. When it comes to overseas transportation, options are typically limited.  
Some carriers, however, have eschewed the notion that airplanes should be little more than oversized buses in the air. Instead, they're focusing on creating memorable (even desirable) customer experiences. Take Singapore Airlines, for example, which swept all the No. 1 categories in this year's Worlds Best survey. Readers have applauded the airline for its food, value, and service: customer service and in-flight service. 
As previously posted, we flew to Japan last month aboard Singapore Airlines. While they provided generally good service (except for one aloof flight attendant) and food, I thought they were better 11 years ago when the first G-TOUR flew with them to Japan.

There is one other international air carrier who made the World's Best list that I flew with to Japan.

To see the results, go here.

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