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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Found Money!

Above, the yen, an information sheet and envelope from Singapore Airlines.

As I recounted in this blog post, my luggage didn't make it to Japan with us aboard Singapore Airlines last October.

The problem was caused by the TSA in Los Angeles, not by Singapore Airlines. Even though this was the case, Singapore Airlines handed an envelope to me in the baggage center at Narita Airport's Terminal One. It contained ¥12,000 in cash.

Even though Singapore Airlines was not at fault for the problem, I thought it was gracious of them to pay the ¥12,000.

The suitcase arrived the next evening and was sent by courier to my hotel in Tokyo.

Today, I was going though one of the compartments of my camera bag and found the envelope. I noticed that something was inside, so I opened it and the ¥12,000 was still inside! Apparently, I just stuck it into my camera bag and forgot about it and proceeded into the arrival lobby and went to the foreign exchange window.

Nice to find ¥12,000 sitting inside my camera bag!

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