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Thursday, December 3, 2015

It’s Not the Weapon, It’s the Motive

Source: News Release

It’s Not the Weapon, It’s the Motive

American Pastors Network Says It’s Time for Administration
and Government Leaders to Focus on Real Danger at Hand

PHILADELPHIA—Terrorism has not been ruled out, says the FBI, in yesterday’s deadly shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., that killed 14 people and wounded 17.

Also dead today are the alleged shooters: a married couple, 28-year-old Syed Rizwan Farook, who has been called a “devout Muslim,” and 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik. The pair donned tactical clothing and carried out the attack with assault weapons, according to Fox News. Police also found other explosives in their home.

Some have turned the tragedy into a weak argument for more gun control laws, but Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network (APN, www.americanpastorsnetwork.net), says the incident reflects the utter failure of the nation’s leadership to acknowledge that terrorism is at our doorstep, and that there may be many more waiting for the right time to strike.

“The degree of adherence to one’s ideology or faith determines their choices and actions,” Rohrer said. “Only people who embrace evil ideologies take pleasure in death and destruction. It is time to understand that the cause of evil is a heart issue and a faith issue—not a gun issue. And a person’s rejection of Jesus Christ and absolute Truth is where it starts. Whether the particular face of evil is in the form of Nazism, Islam, aggressive atheism or other anti-God ideologies, the resultant choices and actions are only a matter of degree. No nation, including the United States of America, that turns its back on God and embraces an ideology that rejects absolute truth, Jesus Christ and the Bible can long endure.

“True moral leaders are duty-bound to focus on the true cause of problems and embrace honest solutions, rather than point to symptoms as an opportunity for political exploitation and the furthering of personal agendas,” Rohrer continued. “To deny that evil and the resultant terrorism that exists places the American people in danger. Instead, to point to an isolated incident of workplace violence or a gun control issue is a ‘green light’ for more actions from people who embrace an ideology of hate and a direct undermining of our national security.”

“People choose to kill people,” Rohrer continued. “It’s stated time and again, but guns and knives do not kill people and inflict violence, but people do—and it’s completely true. We can point to Paris just a few short weeks ago. That nation has some of the world’s strictest gun laws, but yet, violence still rocked the people of France. Gun control is not the issue here—a heart issue is!”

Rohrer discusses breaking headlines on the daily one-hour “Stand in the Gap Today” radio program, which airs on 20 stations in America. Co-hosted along with Gary Dull, APN board member and executive director and vice president of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN, www.papastors.net), and Dave Kistler, president of the North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN, www.ncpastors.net), “Stand in the Gap Today” addresses the cultural and moral issues of our time from a constitutional and biblical perspective. For information on all of APN’s radio programming, visit www.standinthegapradio.com.

APN also offers pastors numerous online resources that help clergy choose sermon topics and find information for other church ministries. With some free and some paid resources, topics include abortion, apologetics, creation, the culture war, economics, education, the environment, history, homosexuality, Islam and marriage, along with many others.

The American Pastors Network is the largest, national network of pastors who believe in the authority of scripture; who boldly preach the whole counsel of God with a disciplined application of a biblical worldview to public policy; who are building a permanent infrastructure of biblically faithful pastors and lay leaders; and who are mobilizing congregations to participate in the political process on a non-partisan basis. For more information on APN, visit www.AmericanPastorsNetwork.net, its Facebook page or follow APN’s Twitter feed, @AmericanPastors. Those interested in forming a chapter in their state may contact amy@papastors.net.

The American Pastors Network is a Ministry Program Affiliate of Capstone Legacy Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian Public Community Foundation registered nationwide). APN’s daily short radio feature, “Stand in the Gap,” airs on more than 40 stations, and the American Family Radio Network airs the one-hour “Stand in the Gap Weekend” on 140 additional stations nationwide. A live one-hour program launched in 2015, “Stand in the Gap Today,” airs on several Pennsylvania radio stations.

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