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Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Phone

One of the things I had to do last week was to buy a new phone. You can say it was a Christmas present to myself. It was a necessary purchase, though.

The phone I've been using was acting up, mainly from dropping it. It would occasionally (and it became more frequent) just go to a blank white screen. Then I would have to open up the back and pull out the battery to get it working again. I couldn't answer the phone or open the text mailbox while it was stuck in white screen.

It caused problems last Tuesday, so I decided to get another phone the next day. The problems began to ease a bit, but I needed something more reliable in case a call or text comes through.

So, I went to the local T-Mobile (my provider) store and bought a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. It isn't Samsung's top-of-the-line phone, but since I am not a big phone freak, it is more than adequate. Plus, the price was right.

Above, a shot of The Beast by the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

So far, I am very pleased with it. I let it charge overnight and used it all day. When I went to bed last night, the power battery was only at 71%. The old phone's battery would have been dead by then. The power consumption (or lack thereof) of the Samsung is amazing.

I read some reviews on the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and I have to disagree with them. The screen is bright. The colors look natural. The built-in camera works better than my old phone's (and this one has a flash). The above shot of The Beast was at 3.9 megapixels. But the camera can be set to 5 megapixels.

Most importantly, the speaker for the phone was very good, far better than my old phone's speaker.

Since I seem to have a knack for dropping phones, I bought a protective cover for it.

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