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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Testing of Toilet Paper Before Using In Your RV Toilet

Concerning the issue of toilet tissue in RV toilets, Dave from Pennsylvania suggests doing some tests to see if yours is compatible in a RV black water tank:
If you search on "toilet paper there are 4 basic rules: 
1. Test the TP. take one or two sheets of any brand you like put it in a half glass of water. Cover the glass with your hand and shake it a few times. If the TP falls apart it is safe to use in the black tank. If it doesn't fall apart right away try another brand.  
There are some RV toilet papers that fail this test.  
2. Put 1/2 a bowl of water in the toilet before doing big business.

3. Dump with at least 3/4 of a tank, add via toilet if you must. Flush longer. Get the stuff pushed into the black tank.  
4. Use the black tank rinser until the clear hose adapter on the drain outlet runs clear, close the drain and flush water for about 2 minutes into the bottom of the black tank so the "pyramid of doom" cannot form.  
I have RVed for 23 years and fulltimed for 4. This process has worked for me and every RVer I know.  
Dave has his own blog of travel adventures that I recommend to anyone who is interested in camping and travel: Dave and Nola's Adventures

Thanks, Dave!

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