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Friday, December 4, 2015

Winnebago Reviving Country Coach and May Drop Itasca

Above, my Winnebago at the West Entrance/Yellowstone KOA. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The rumor mill is now saying that Winnebago Industries is phasing out their Itasca line of recreational vehicles.

There is nothing official that I've seen from Winnebago Industries confirming this, but people who have ordered specific Itasca models are receiving them under the Winnebago name.

Winnebago Industries produces motorhomes and trailers under their Winnebago and Itasca divisions. The products are identical, except some things under one line may be standard, while an option in the other. Also, different color schemes (interior and exterior) are offered by each division.

One thing that has been confirmed: Winnebago is reviving Country Coach.

According to KVAL.com:
JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - Winnebago Industries plans to open a manufacturing plant in a former Country Coach facility in Junction City, the company and Lane County government announced Tuesday. 
The company said it also plans to revive the Country Coach brand. 
The company estimates employing 200 people, the county said. 
Winnebago salaried wages will range from $45,000 to $125,000 plus a full benefits package. 
Winnebago said the company plans to move production of select diesel products to the 200,000 square-foot facility. The company estimates the transition will be complete sometime in the second half of 2017.
The article goes on to state that "Winnebago also acquired the intellectual property rights associated with Country Coach."

Itasca owners are wondering about warranty repairs for their RVs if the Itasca line is dropped. But that should be no problem as parts can be interchanged. Also, people are wondering about the future status of Itasca dealers should the line be phased out.

This will be interesting to watch.

To read more, go here.

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