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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Yahoo! Travel: "10 RV Vacations You Need To Take Right Now"

Above, Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Yahoo! Travel has an article from March on "10 RV Vacations You Need To Take Right Now".

Of the ten places they recommend, I have been to one of them, number 7: Crater Lake National Park and one other (sort of), number 8: Horse Thief Lake, that is near Mount Rushmore. We've been to Mount Rushmore, but stayed at the Mount Rushmore KOA. We didn't go to Horse Thief Lake, but went to Deadwood instead.

It is interesting that America's first national park, Yellowstone National Park, isn't on the list. Crater Lake National Park (in Oregon) was nice, but outside of hiking down to the lake (beware, the hike back up is strenuous), there isn't really too much to see or do.

They introduced their list with:
Hitting the open road is an American dream. But doing it in an RV means that you can bring all your amenities with you. That’s living in luxury — virtually anywhere. RVing can be an ideal vacation for kids, and an inexpensive way to have that family vacation you always wanted. It may still be winter, but start planning for the roads ahead with these most searched RV vacation spots on Yahoo.
The places listed may be the "most searched", but I don't see the ones listed (except maybe a couple of them) belonging to anyone's "bucket list".

To see what the other eight places are, go here.

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