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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Odaiba's Hidden Oddities

Above, a view of Odaiba from a Sumida River cruise boat. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The Odaiba section of Tokyo is best-known to monster fans as the battleground of Godzilla and Megaguirus in Godzilla x Megaguirus (2000).

But Odaiba is also known for its shopping and amusement centers.

Japanista has an article on Odaiba's hidden oddities that are "off the beaten path".

It begins with:
Odaiba, a must see city on the backpacker’s checklist when traveling through Japan. This manmade island features some of Tokyo’s most popular tourist attractions and an extensive selection of shopping, dining, and date night hot spots. 
What a lot of travelers don’t know about are the gems waiting to be discovered under the cover of what might appear to be a tourist trap island. While the Rainbow Bridge, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Fuji TV Building, and the “life size” Gundam statue in front of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza are worth the journey to explore, there is a side to Odaiba that also appeals to the traveler looking for an adventure off the beaten path.

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