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Friday, January 8, 2016

Tokyo To Hiroshima Transportation

Above, the famous torii gate at Miyajima. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

City-Cost.com has posted a helpful article on the cost, by various means, to travel to Hiroshima from Tokyo.

There are several ways to go, including domestic airlines, shinkansen, buses and commuter trains. If you have a JR Rail Pass, the cost is practically nothing (provided you use it for other JR train travels around Japan). The JR Rail Pass pays for itself when you use it to visit several cities during your vacation.

They begin with:
Hiroshima, the last economic bastion of Japan’s East Coast commercial/industrial highway. Beyond here, we leave the island of Honshu and cross the Inland Sea over to Kyushu. 
A lot has been written about Hiroshima’s tragic past, its emergence from which is nothing short of remarkable.  It is now one of Japan’s most vibrant and attractive cities, as well as being an important place for business and commerce.  So, how much does it cost to get there from Tokyo?
One of the best places to visit in Japan is Miyajima, which is near Hiroshima.

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