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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why The Voters Are Angry

Monica Crowley has penned an article that the Washington political elites of both parties should read and memorize. And take heed.

The ruling class of both parties in Washington have the people in uproar, that's why unconventional candidates such as Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and socialist Bernie Sanders have been making gains against the "establishment" candidates.

In her article in the Washington Post, Crowley wrote:
Happy new year. If you thought 2015 was an unpredictable political year, wait until you see what 2016 has in store. The political dynamic that has brought us to this point has been unprecedented, which means the coming months will continue to deliver wildly unforeseen outcomes. 
There is one thing we do know for sure. American voters are doing something they haven’t done in a very long time: showing the political elites the door. 
On the right and the left, they are angry at the state of the nation. But more importantly, they are angry with leaders who appear more interested in protecting themselves, their interests and each other than in advancing the country’s interests and serving the American people. 
They are disgusted with an irresponsible, unresponsive and unaccountable government that empowers only itself.
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Gary said...

As I just posted on my blog. Breitbart News proves Ted Cruz is a fraud on immigration.

Armand Vaquer said...

I just shared your post on Facebook.

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