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Monday, February 29, 2016

ECV Membership Reactivated

Above, Glenn Thornhill, Abe Hoffman and yours truly in Amboy, the last clamp-out I attended.

Finally, after nine years, I have reactivated my membership in the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus.

I just paid my dues with the Los Angeles County Chapter, Platrix No. 2, through Paypal (that is sure handy) and plan on attending the spring clamp-out at the Tehachapi Loop in April.

Unfortunately, when I lost my job in November 2007, the jobs I had scheduled me to work weekends and getting time off was almost like milking a bull. I did manage to attend a plaque dedication or two since then, but no chapter camping trips.

Additionally, my 1985 Nissan Pick-up with a camper shell, kicked the bucket as I was on my way home from a Billy Holcomb Chapter's clamp-out in Amboy in October 2007. I had a tent to use, but the time-off issue was the main problem.

Since I am retired and my time belongs to me and now that I have The Beast, I can start participating in clamp-outs again (well, my "other half" permitting). (Hmm, wonder if Denise would like to go to a widder's ball next year?)

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