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Monday, February 8, 2016

Frankenstein's Bicentennial

Above, Boris Karloff in The Bride of Frankenstein. Universal Picttures.

Noted dino expert, director, producer, writer and Godzilla fan Donald F. Glut posted something interesting:

This year is the bicentennial of Mary W. Shelley (then Godwin) writing her classic novel FRANKENSTEIN; OR, THE MODERN PROMETHEUS. No surprise, there have been, are and will be a number of Frankenstein-related movie projects in the works. This includes my own in-progress TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN, an anthology based upon five short stories included in my book of the same title (included in the upcoming THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME TWO, from Bill Cunningham’s Pulp 2.0 Press). The movie, a "traditional" Frankenstein film written, directed and executive-produced by me, is being made via my new company Pecosborn Productions, LLC. We have already filmed the first story, “My Creation, My Beloved,” plus a framing “wrap-around” (featuring the original Monster) that links all five stories together (photos). 
As I am financing Pecosborn’s movies myself (no longer looking for investors, while crowd-funding has never worked for me satisfactorily), the TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN film is, understandably, going rather slowly. I’d like to speed things up and get the entire movie “in the can” this year to capitalize on the novel-writing’s 200th anniversary. And so, I’ve devised a plan to raise additional capital – without investors or crowd-funding – but involving getting a CO-PRODUCER credit in a motion picture (important for some peoples’ résumés) or, if you bring someone to the table who becomes a co-producer, a standard FINDER’S FEE, personal-message me for more information. But please, ONLY if you are seriously interested. 
Thank you.

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