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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gene LeBell In "Ed Wood"

Above, Gene LeBell as the ring announcer (left) in Ed Wood.

It is funny that after a few dozens of times watching a movie, little things can slip by without notice on occasion. Today was one of those times.

I was watching Tim Burton's Ed Wood today and noticed in the credits that Gene LeBell was the ring announcer for the wresting match scene of Tor Johnson.

Above, Gene LeBell and Armand at the Superman Celebration Luncheon in 2014.

I scanned the movie back and, sure enough, there was Gene LeBell. I met LeBell in 2014 at the Superman Celebration Luncheon at the Beverly Garland Hotel. In fact, we sat together during the luncheon.

He becomes the second actor of Ed Wood that I've met. The other was Martin Landau, who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi. It took place at the 2013 Monsterpalooza (photo below).

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