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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Odyssey Restaurant

Above, the outdoor patio dining area. Odyssey Restaurant photo.

Tonight, Denise and I went out to dinner at a place that I haven't been to since the late 1980s: the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills, California.

The Odyssey was the site for the annual San Fernando Valley Claim Adjusters Association's annual Christmas parties that I used to attend. One year, I won a VCR there.

Above, our shrimp and crab cakes appetizers. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The Odyssey offers fine food, drinks and spectacular views of the San Fernando Valley from its hilltop perch. It has huge rooms for special events like weddings, parties, banquets and meetings.

We were a bit full from the appetizers and the soup (clam chowder) and salad (Caesar) that we had, so we brought home our cheesecake desserts and meats (steak and prime rib). Denise proclaimed the Caesar salad was the best she's ever had. It is just as well we didn't over-stuff ourselves since we plan to go to Hawaii in a few months (Denise has been taking crossfit classes to tone up).

For more information on The Odyssey Restaurant, go here.

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