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Sunday, February 14, 2016

"This Is Elvis" 2-Disc DVD

On the way home yesterday from talking to a travel agent at the Automobile Club of Southern California with Denise, I stopped in at the local CD Trader and picked up the 2-disc Special Edition DVD of This Is Elvis.

This 2007 set contains the original theatrical version and the extended version.

I already have the "uncensored" theatrical version (1981) on VHS, but this DVD set, as I mentioned, also includes the 1983 "extended version" that contains about 40 minutes of additional material. The extra material is worth buying this DVD set.

I have one quibble over the extended version. While it does contain some great material, the producers saw fit to edit and dub over some of Elvis Presley's comments. For example, in the theatrical version, Elvis was bantering backstage with friends and said that a girl he was with the night before "gave the greatest head." In the extended version, that line was changed to "she can really raise a bed." In another part, while in a car Elvis said he was "buried in a beaver" in the theatrical version. And that was changed to something different (that made no sense) in the extended version. Oh, well.

The set also includes, as special features, trailers for this movie and Elvis: That's The Way It Is along with the "vintage featurette", Behind the Gates of Graceland. The set also include a nice picture book.

My grade over this set: A.

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