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Friday, February 12, 2016

Titanic II Almost Ready To Set Sail

Above, the orignal RMS Titanic.

For those of you who are cruise fans and would love to have sailed aboard the RMS Titanic (minus the meeting with a huge iceberg) back in 1912, you're in luck.

According to Travel + Leisure, a replica RMS Titanic will set sail in 2018.

They wrote:
Gather round, cruise fans: 106 years after the original vessel sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, a new version of the RMS Titanic is set to launch in 2018. 
Australian billionaire Clive Palmer—who has apparently never seen the movie—came up with the idea for the Titanic II, along with his shipping company, Blue Star Line. Palmer announced the project in 2012 in hopes of launching in time for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s fateful voyage, but the sail date was pushed back due to a series of delays. 
The boat promises to be fully functioning replica, looking virtually identical to the 1912 counterpart—save for the fact that it promises to stock enough lifeboats for all its passengers, along with modern marine evacuation systems. 
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