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Thursday, March 3, 2016

2016 KOA Campground Directory

Above, the 2016 KOA Campground Directory. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

It must be a new year.

The 2016 KOA Campground Directory arrived in yesterday's mail. The directory is 265 pages long (it seems thicker than last year's). It contains listings of all of the KOA campgrounds in the United States and Canada along with maps of each state or province.

There are some RVers who don't like KOAs. Many complain that they are pricey. I have found them to be relatively consistent in quality and the amenities offered, despite most are family-owned franchises. Amber and I stayed at three KOAs last year during our Yellowstone trip. The average price per night was around $40. Compare that to today's cost-per-night charges of hotels and motels. A night in your own bed at a KOA is a bargain in comparison.

Additionally, we found them conveniently located along our route to Yellowstone and back to Los Angeles.

For more information on KOA Kampgrounds, go here.

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