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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Beasty Things

Above, The Beast at the Devonshire-Reseda Shopping Center. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Last night, I stopped by REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) at the Devonshire-Reseda Shopping Center in Northridge and picked up a couple of things for The Beast.

The first item was a griddle so I can make pancakes or anything else that requires the use of a griddle. It was on sale for $17.00, so what the heck?

The second item was something I hadn't thought of needing, but the recent trip to San Diego made me re-think it. As we were just staying there one night, we didn't plan on doing any cooking as we planned to eat at restaurants and at Sea World. But we did bring some snacks, things that needed to be kept cold, such as guacamole and cut fruit. I bought a bag of ice and put it and the snacks in the freezer. After the trip, I noticed that some of the ice melted and there was a pool of water on the bottom of the freezer. As there's no drain in the freezer, I had to use a turkey baster to suck out the water. It took a while to do and was a bit tedious. So, I decided (for short trips) to get a Stanley medium-sized (16 quart) ice chest (image below).

I already have an ice chest, one that belonged to my grandfather. But it is big and would take up too much space in the RV and ice doesn't last long in it. It probably needs new seals on the lid. The new one is just the right size for our needs.

In making these purchases, REI gave me a Bonus Card for 20% off on merchandise between March 10-17. Looks like I'll be doing more shopping there next week.

I have been a REI member for over 25 years and enjoy shopping there.

For more on REI, go here.

The Spring Trek with Platrix Chapter No. 2 is definitely on! I just paid the "rub" for the trek. This'll be my first Clamp-out in nine years!

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