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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Date Night

Above, last month in Redondo Beach to celebrate my birthday. 

For the first time in about three weeks, Denise and I actually had a night out with just ourselves. Aiden was babysat and everyone else was either sick or had their own gigs going. It was actually refreshing.

The last couple of outings included either Aiden or Denise's friend Jackie (or both). Although I do like Jackie and other friends of Denise's, but couples do need their alone time. This is especially true for married couples. (A word to the wise: Just because you have "that piece of paper", courting has to continue, including date nights. If you don't take your "other half" out, you can bet the ranch that someone else is willing to step in.)

Tonight was enjoyable. We did some shopping. From there, we went to Katsu-ya for sushi dinner. And after that, we wrapped up the evening with massages. The massages were also refreshing.

This would be our last date night before Denise's outpatient surgery on Friday. It is anyone's guess how long her recovery time will be. But she should be totally fit again by the time we reach Hawaii.

I am hitting the sack early tonight as I have an errand to do in Beverly Hills in the morning.

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