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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dear Senator Ben Sasse

Above, Sen. Ben Sasse.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, whom I supported in his campaign for the U.S. Senate and donated money to, threatened to support a third party candidate should Donald Trump get the GOP presidential nomination. He might as well hand over the keys to the White House to Hillary Clinton.

In response to Sen. Sasse's declaration, I sent him the following message (not bad, if I may say so myself, considering that I dictated it in a noisy restaurant):
Senator, I am from California and supported you for the United States Senate. I also contributed to your campaign. What you are saying is something stupid and petulant. You are willing to sacrifice the country by electing Hillary Clinton? Trump may not be perfect but he's going to get the nomination. We do not need any loose cannons in our party. If you continue with this, I will have to end my support of you.
Third party runs may give some people an outlet to make a protest vote, but all they do is divide people and will only guarantee that the Democrat nominee will win the election. This year, such a scenario is a frightening thought. Does the country really deserve a crook like Hillary Clinton after the disasterous terms of Barack Obama? She will finish what he started, and then some.

Some, like Sasse and former Congressman Tom DeLay, said that Trump will destroy the Republican Party. Well, I disagree. Is it worth destroying the country by allowing Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States, especially since she has never accomplished anything beneficial to anyone except herself and Bill?

To you wobbly Republicans, shut the hell up or the Republican Party will be destroyed after you allowed Hillary Clinton to take over the White House! If this should happen, the GOP will have deserved to be destroyed.

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