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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Earlier this evening, I was re-arranging things in my bedroom closet. Things were a little disorganized since the November 2014 pipe breaks. It was about time that I put things in a little better order.

While doing so, I found my Platrix Chapter No. 2, E Clampus Vitus barbecue apron that had seemingly disappeared (for 9 years). I thought I had it with some boxes containing camping equipment that I used with my old 1985 Nissan Pick-up. When I bought The Beast, I went through those boxes (which hadn't been opened since late 2007) for usable items. It wasn't in any of them.

But, instead, it was hanging in a section of closet space that I rarely ever look into. So, all I have to do now is to put it in The Beast for camping use.

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