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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tokyo DisneySea Celebrating 15th Anniversary

Above, a big crowd enjoys a DisneySea show. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Tokyo DisneySea is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its grand opening starting April 15.

The Japan National Tourism Organization posted:
Tokyo Disney Resort® will hold celebrations to mark the 15th year anniversary of the grand opening of Tokyo DisneySea® Park, from 15th April 2016 to 17th March 2017, entitled “Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes”. 
Tokyo DisneySea first opened its doors on 4th September 2001 as the only Disney Park themed to the sea. The theme of the Park’s 15th anniversary is “wishes”, representing people’s hopes and dreams for the future. During the celebration, colourful crystals symbolising individual wishes will decorate the Park. These “Crystals of Wishes” will also be worn by Mickey Mouse and their Disney Friends. For example, Minnie Mouses’s red crystal represents her wish for love. Donald Duck’s blue crystal symbolises friendship and Goofy’s green crystal represents his wish for energy. Mickey Mouse’s clear crystal represents all of these wishes.

We visited Tokyo DisneySea last October (and so did what seemed like half of Tokyo's population) and enjoyed the park. We were unable to go on any rides due to the long lines, but we did enjoy several shows. We went on a Saturday, so it would probably be better to go on a weekday instead when fewer people are there.

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