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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Visit Japan With "G-TOUR 3.5 2016"

Above, the Hotel Gracery will be the headquarters hotel for the tour. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Guided group tours may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there are those who have trepidation about visiting a foreign country on their own. So a group tour may be something that would fit them nicely, especially one with some nice perks.

Daikaiju Enterprises/G-FAN has announced "G-TOUR 3.5 2016" on their website:
Daikaiju Enterprises is pleased to announce a return to Japan for G-TOUR 3.5, taking place from July 22nd through July 31st, 2016. This new tour, conducted by Stan Hyde, is aimed at fans who weren’t able to attend last year’s tour, as it had sold out so quickly. G-TOUR 3.5 will visit many places of importance to kaiju fans and Japanese culture enthusiasts, including Wonder Festival 2016, the Studio Ghibli museum, the 50th Anniversary Ultraman Festival, Tokyo Skytree, as well as seeing the Shin-Godzilla movie premiere. Download the full itineray below. The tour will once again be operated by MYK Enterprises Ltd., who did a fantastic job for us on G-TOURs II and III.
Looking over the itinerary, I find that the tour will be confined to the greater Tokyo area. It is, as the above indicates, to be conducted by Stan "The Man" Hyde. I don't see Toho Studios on the list of stops as it is a "place of importance" to kaiju fans, but a stop there to see the Godzilla statue and mural may be included [J.D., can you confirm this?]. Considering the goodies that are included with the tour (staying at the new Hotel Gracery is a big plus), the cost is quite reasonable.

For details, go here

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