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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yahoo Japan Introducing PayPal For Hotel Booking

Above, the Tokyo Skytree. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Japan is continuing to come up with innovations to make hotel room booking much easier (if only they can rapidly meeting the fast-growing demand for rooms).

Nikkei Asian Review reported:
TOKYO -- Yahoo Japan will strengthen its online hotel booking service via two recent acquisitions, hoping to capture demand from foreigners visiting Japan. 
The company will introduce U.S. service PayPal as a payment option in July to system developer Dynatech's booking system covering about 2,400 hotels across Japan. Yahoo acquired Dynatech last year. 
PayPal users can pay simply by entering an email address and password -- accessing preregistered credit card information. The service eliminates the burden of entering a name, address and card number for each purchase, and offers a better sense of security. PayPal has 180 million users worldwide and handles transactions of $280 billion a year. It has about 1 million users in Japan. 
PayPal will inform its members that hotels can be booked via Dynatech. Dynatech will tout its service to lodging businesses, highlighting prospects of demand from foreigners visiting Japan. Dynatech has a 20% market share in booking systems and aims to raise it to around 30% by 2020.
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