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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10 Tips For Traveling To Japan From A First-Timer

Above, if you plan to venture out of Tokyo, look into getting a JR Rail Pass. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Lauren Orsini concludes her eight-part travelogue of her trip to Japan with ten tips for the first-time Japan visitor at Forbes.com.

She begins with:
After nine days in Japan, my sleep schedule finally caught up to Tokyo time. That meant that instead of getting up at 5 AM to write my travelogue, I woke up just in time to go sightseeing. 
Our final two days in Tokyo passed like a blur, as we made the most of our Japan Rail passes and cheap subway fare. Instead of climbing Tokyo Tower or the Skytree, we went to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Center, a free observatory where you can see both. We ate crepes in Shibuya, saw peak cherry blossom bloom among the temples at Asakusa, and in Harajuku I bought myself a capsule wardrobe on a dime. 
Now that I’m home and have had some time to reflect, however, I would rather spend my final post not recounting, but sharing the most valuable things I learned traveling to Japan. If you’re planning on making your first visit there, here are my top ten suggestions:

To see what her top ten suggestions are, go here

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