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Thursday, April 7, 2016

8 Railway Projects Proposed For Tokyo

Above, a train at an overhead station in Asakusa. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A panel looking into making Tokyo more competitive as a tourist draw has proposed eight projects to get people from Haneda Airport to central Tokyo.

The Japan News (Yomiuri Shimbun) reported:
An expert panel under the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry has listed eight railway improvement plans in the metropolitan area in its draft of proposals to the government to make Tokyo more competitive as an international city. 
The eight projects proposed in the draft, which was released Thursday, include building a new East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) line to connect stations in central Tokyo with Haneda Airport. It also called for extending the Tsukuba Express, and constructing a subway line connecting Tokyo’s central and bay areas. 
If realized, the improved rail networks will boost the accessibility of Haneda Airport and the bay area from central Tokyo, but it will be a challenge to secure funds for construction costs.
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