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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Japan Remains In High Demand Despite Earthquakes

Above, Fukuoka Tower. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Despite the twin major earthquakes in Kyushu, Japan remains a big tourist draw overall.

TTG Asia reported:
TRAVEL agencies in Asia are seeing no drop in overall demand for Japan in the aftermath of a series of quakes that tore up parts of the southern region of the peninsula last week.

An initial magnitude 6.2 tremor first hit last Thursday evening followed by a magnitude 7.3 quake a day later, devastating infrastructure, attractions and homes in southern Japan.
However, agents are still seeing good business despite the disaster, albeit having to make several cancellations and delays to scheduled trips.

“A tour group of 25 people who were supposed to depart for Kyushu and Honshu on April 21 has decided to delay their trip to another date,” said Cooper Huang, CEO, Malaysian Harmony Tours & Travel.

“We are still selling Kyushu, but we have customised the itinerary so that it does not cover the areas affected by the earthquake.”

Others are similarly taking the tactical approach to continue selling tours to Japan to meet client needs yet avoiding the disaster area in order to ensure safety.
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