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Friday, April 1, 2016

Tokyo Ryokans

Above, the Hotel Fukudaya, a ryokan I stayed at in 2001. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

While strolling around the Redondo Beach Pier in February, I stopped at the Kobe Pearl Co. store. Denise had never bought a pearl oyster before.

During the time were at the store, the Japanese store owner stuck up a conversation.. I told him that we visited Japan in October.

Anyone who visits Japan should at least spend one night in a ryokan (Japanese inn) to get a real Japanese experience. The good thing is, one doesn't have to venture out of Tokyo to do so. I stayed at one in Shibuya during my first trip to Japan in 2001 for the duration of the trip. It was a different, but enjoyable experience for me. Plus, the price was about $50 per night. Since then, I have stayed in ryokans in Sendai and Kumamoto.

An added plus, each ryokan I stayed at had rooms larger than typical Japanese hotels.

Tsunagu Japan has a list of ten ryokans that visitors should consider staying at. Several of them are in the Asakusa-Ueno section of Tokyo.

They begin with:
If you look for traditional Japanese style ryokan in Tokyo, there are not many but some ryokans and alike still remain. Here listed are the accommodations ranging from generously priced ryokan housed in traditional Japanese architecture to a bit pricey but modern facilities with luxury. Why don’t you try one of these for intriguing experience?
To see the ryokans in Tokyo Tsunagu Japan recommends, go here.

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