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Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Hat-Tip To James Garner

If you've ever seen the Clint Eastwood-directed (and acted) flick, Space Cowboys (2000) you are familiar with the late James Garner's character Tank Sullivan.

The movie featured a fine cast besides Eastwood and Garner. It also featured Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland who, along with Eastwood and Garner, are former test pilots who where passed over to become astronauts during the infancy of NASA.

Later, they had to assist NASA in stopping a Soviet "communications" satellite (loaded with nuclear missiles) from falling to Earth.

After Sullivan's aerospace career ended, he became a minister who kept his "good luck charm", a small hula girl figure from the 1950s to present day.

With that in mind, while in Hawaii, I bought a similar hula girl to serve as a "good luck" charm for The Beast. It is now mounted on the dashboard for good luck in my camping travels.

A tip of the hat to the late James Garner.

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