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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hadley Merlot Wine Steak Sauce

One of the best products I've discovered in recent months (if you want to call last November "recent") was at the Hadey Fruit Orchards store in Cabazon, California.

When my family used to visit my grandmother in 29 Palms, we would stop at the Hadley store on the way home for some date shakes and buy some fruits and nuts to take home.

Last November, I stopped in while on my way home from the General Patton Museum and the Joshua Tree National Park.

I spotted bottles of Hadley Merlot Wine Steak Sauce on a counter and I decided to buy a bottle of it to try out.

To say that the steak sauce is "fantastic" would be a gross understatement. This stuff is the BOMB! (As the younger generation would say.)

While at the Ventura Beach RV Resort this week, I cooked some steaks on the barbecue and used the steak sauce. My bottle is almost half empty, so I thought I would go to the Hadley online catalog and order some more. Unfortunately, it isn't listed. So I called them and left a message.

A little while ago, a nice lady from Hadley called and said that the sauce is such a new product that it hasn't yet made its way to the catalog, but I could order some through her. She asked how many do I want. I said ten.

She just about fell out of her chair. I started laughing. I told her that the sauce is that good and I was planning to give some to friends. Unfortunately, she said they only have ten bottles in stock. I took them.

My order will be going out on Monday.

I highly recommend it!

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