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Monday, May 16, 2016

Messenger Problems

Recently, persons unknown to me somehow got on to my Messenger account (Messenger is connected to Facebook) and sent me some material that were misleading and inflammatory. The messages caused some problems.

I have since blocked some suspected people so that I won't receive such messages again. At least I hope I won't. If anything comes in that remotely resembles what was sent before, I will ignore them and block that particular person or unspecified accounts (such as "unknowns"). I had to spend some time adjusting my Facebook settings to prevent further occurrences.

Since I rarely use Messenger, this should present little or no problems. I am thinking of removing Messenger altogether.

I would prefer to not use Messenger at all. Many times, messages come in at inopportune times. I have deactivated text messaging through Facebook for my phone number.

If you absolutely have to contact me, send me an email with no attachments such as documents, photos or videos (unless we discuss it first) and definitely NO SPAM, to: Reach Armand.

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