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Friday, May 20, 2016


Finally, after a rough week, I am finally feeling relaxed and almost my old self. (I estimate that I am about 80% there.)

I think it was a good idea to get away for a few days to eliminate the stress that dominated life several days ago. My internal batteries are almost fully charged up. And, I am feeling serene. By concentrating on recreational reading and relaxing, I feel as if my "atomic batteries are set to power and turbines to speed!" (Batman fans will get this quite well.)

A lot of "comedy of errors" were committed and there was just plain stupidity all around. (I'm not going to elaborate.) There were just too many things that boiled up all at once that should have been handled much better by, again, all around had there been some time-outs called and adhered to. Nobody was 100% right, and nobody was 100% wrong. It was somewhere in the middle.

Some good did occur during all of this (a big silver lining in a dark cloud), for which I am very happy about. (Again, I'm not going to elaborate.)

One additional good thing (not the primary one) was finding the Ventura Beach RV Resort. I just love this place! I plan to come here whenever I can. It is reasonably close, which is a big plus!

What does the future hold? Who knows? But, right now I feel that I am better prepared to face things than I was just days ago. Long walks, reading, writing, relaxing and a hot jacuzzi were beneficial for the mind and body.

Nothing like camping in the outdoors (albeit in a RV resort) to give one's self a better perspective on life. I am starting to feel good again. (Which is even surprising to me.)

One thing I have learned (or should have learned) during times of stress is to just STOP! Take a few deep breaths and take some time out! The worst decisions one can make is to plunge into things and make decisions while under duress and/or shock. I should have learned that lesson six years ago when my mother passed away. Some of the worst decisions are made while one is in shock. And I made some beauts back then! Sometimes a little reminding (and a swift kick in the ass) will do the trick! But getting away for a change of scenery is also the answer. The Beast was the best investment I have ever made! I was able to just get up and "get the hell out of Dodge" with minimal packing to do.

There's no use in beating one's self over the head over how things transpired. What's done is done. As former President Nixon used to say, "Remember Lot's wife, don't look back!" (You'll have to dig out your bible to see what that's about.) One cannot change the past, just learn from it.

A few more days of this will be the cure-all.

Many thanks to those (and there have been many) who have given me their best wishes and encouragement. I will always be grateful!

Onward and upward!

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