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Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Nice Thank-You Note

As a thank-you for being my "Jiminy Cricket" during times of turmoil and whom I've dubbed my "honorary sister", I sent Diane an autographed copy of Clint Hill's and Lisa McCubbin's Five Presidents

Along with that, I also sent her a copy of The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan.

Although she was pleased with the Five Presidents book, she seems more impressed with the travel guide. As she emailed me this last night:
And so hath mine!  Thank you SO much!!!!  And I really appreciate the copy of your book too :-)))))  I just had a chance to glance through it and was fascinated by some of the detail that you thought to add in.  Typhoon season, the maps and the currency are fabulous ideas!  But I just saw the last page and love the Clamper thinking of letting people know there are intentional mistakes in there - too cool :-))))))

It's kind of exciting to see pictures of the places you've sent before and the explanations of what they are about.  I almost feel like, "Oh!  I know that place!"    I'd be terrified going over that Saikai Bridge though.  Whoops, flipped to Shima Pearl - that's worse.

Very, very cool though!  I had no idea of what you could possibly put into a book on monsters, especially G, that would interest so many people, but frankly, even as a monster-ignoramus, I find the information very interesting.  Egads.  Just flipped to Yokahama Bay Bridge.  I'd have a nervous breakdown there!  Well, I always knew you had talent, so not surprising :-))))

Thank you so much again!  A little thank you will be heading your way.  Expect something by way of slight thank you coming for Miss Sierra Vaquer.  Of course, you are free to open it too - after all, we are human can openers for them ;-)

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