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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit: Japanese Travel Companies In Wait-And-See Mode

Above, Kyoto Tower. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The Brexit matter has thrown a lot of things in flux. Nobody knows what's going to happen economically, socially or even with travel.

The Japan News (Yomiuri Shimbun) reported that travel companies are taking a wait-and-see stance for now.

They wrote:
Travel companies in Japan remain uncertain of how Britain’s departure from the European Union will impact them. 
Unlike Germany, France and some other nations, Britain has not signed the Schengen Agreement, which allows people to move freely within the member countries without the use of a passport. Thus, the passport requirement for traveling from or to Schengen member countries will remain unchanged. 
“There will be no newly imposed restrictions on free movement in the wake of the latest development. So I doubt the number of [Japanese] tourists [to Europe] will drop,” said Toshiro Yajima, the head of public relations at the Japan Association of Travel Agents. 
But Yajima said that if Japanese companies withdraw from London and other parts of Britain, demand for business trips might decrease.
Meanwhile, this shouldn't affect tourism to Japan as they aren't a part of the turmoil in Europe. But, the dollar did take a big hit against the yen in Tokyo trading Friday in Brexit's aftermath, plummeting briefly below ¥100. It is currently at ¥102.

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