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Friday, June 10, 2016


Sooner or later, it was bound to happen.

After almost a year and a half since buying The Beast, I've had a little mishap.

While backing into my campsite at the Marin RV Park in Greenbrae, I broke the rear passenger side marker light on a small pole I couldn't see in the side view mirror or in the rear camera. Thankfully nothing else was damaged.

The base, bulb and red lens got mashed.

But, on the good side, I contacted a prominent RV dealership near the Winnebago factory in Iowa and ordered a replacement. The full assembly (that includes everything) will cost me under $5.00. All I have to do is to have the old one taken out and the new one put in. There's a RV dealer in North Hills that can do it once the parts come in. It is probably a job that will take under an hour.

The Beast's odometer went over 10,000 miles on this trip.

Also, more good news. The Marin RV Park in Greenbrae is virtually within walking distance of Book Passage, the venue where Clint Hill will be speaking tomorrow.  

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