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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hawaii Blowback: Debt Unpaid

bilk (bɪlk)
1. to defraud; cheat.
2. to evade payment of or to: to bilk a creditor.
3. to frustrate: a career bilked by poor health.
4. to escape from; elude. 
5. a cheat; swindler.
6. a trick; fraud; deceit.
Back in Febuary, [Censored] and I began planning the trip to Hawaii to celebrate [Censored] birthday. [Censored] wanted her best friend Jacquese "Jackie" Scott to join us on the trip.

The three of us went to the Northridge office of the Automobile Club of Southern California to talk to Nicki, one of the travel agents.

Fortunately for us, the Auto Club had a sale on Hawaii trips. She provided us with an itinerary and the cost amounts. We then headed to the nearby Coco's restaurant for breakfast and to discuss the trip further.

While at Coco's, [Censored] asked that I front the cash to lock in the trip for Jackie and she would repay me. Jackie concurred. I agreed to it. As a birthday present to [Censored], I paid for her and her son.

I don't mind helping someone out, but I bristled at being put on the spot at that moment.

Later, I told [Censored] that I was not happy being put on the spot and that she should have discussed it with me first in private. She apologized and promised that things would be discussed first between us.

The cost per person was $1,408.25 for seven days in Hawaii, which included all flights, transfers, taxes, fees and accommodations. It was a very good deal. Our scheduled departure date was May 4.

On March 4, Jackie paid me $300 in cash. Things were looking good.

Then there was a "lull" in payments as Jackie wanted to pay for her activities (para sailing, helicopter tour, luau, etc.). I was annoyed with this as she decided this on her own without asking me if I were okay with it. I really wasn't, but what could I do?

She made another $300 cash payment on April 17. After this, her balance due was $808.25. That is where we stand today.

On May 15, following a blow-up with [Censored] (which ultimately lead to our break-up), I sent Jackie a friendly text message asking, "How do you want to handle the remaining $808 that you still owe for the Hawaii trip?" I received no response. Her debt to me has nothing to do with the current status of [Censored] and I.

On June 7, during which time [Censored] and I were still friendly (hoping that she would light a fire under Jackie's butt to pay me in full), I decided that I've waited enough and sent Jackie this text:
Jackie, since you have not made any good faith effort to repay me the remaining $808 for the Hawaii trip, I am giving you until June 30th to pay me back in full, or we're going to small claims court.
Again, no response.

Additionally, [Censored] has never mentioned the subject of Jackie's debt to me since we got back. That says a lot.

All Jackie had to do is to pop a check for $808.25 in the mail (she could get my address from [Censored]).

She has four more days to pay the balance owed or I will go to Small Claims Court to file on June 30. Besides failing morally to fulfill a debt obligation, it is also stupid. Once I win the judgment, this will be included in her future credit reports. I have never lost in Small Claims Court, personally or professionally.

I think I have been fair and nice about this, but one can only take so much in being taken advantage. I thought that Jackie had more class than what she has displayed so far.

Let justice be done if need be.

UPDATE (6/27/16):  No response yet. She's got two days to pay up or I'm filing on June 30.

UPDATE (6/29/16): No response and no payment. So, unless she brings me the cash tomorrow morning before I go file, we're going to Small Claims Court. How stupid! Classy gal!

Reactions to this post:
You were robbed! 
Did you ever get the ring back? That must have been quite a rock given the price you mentioned. I'm sorry you were treated that way, Armand. 
Ouch I'm so sorry to hear that. damn. 
: having a cheap and ugly appearance
: morally low or bad 
truly feel your PAIN bro...!

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