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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"How To Photograph Shibuya Crossing"

Above, Shibuya Crossing at night. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Photography has always been one of my passions. I received my first camera at age 8. I especially enjoy travel photography. 

Although I've been behind a camera for 54 years, I am still learning. If I see an article on taking more interesting photographs, I'll devour it.

Tokyo Cheapo has such an article posted. It is on "How To Photograph Shibuya Crossing". The last time I was in Shibuya was in October of last year. Shibuya Crossing is undergoing major changes as Shibuya Station in the midst of a multi-year redevelopment. It no longer looks the same as it did when Gamera fried a Gyaos there in Gamera 3 (1999).

As for the article, it starts with:
Memorial to a loyal dog and a beloved setting for any film shot in Tokyo. You may know it as Shibuya Crossing but the locals call it ザ・スクランブル The Scramble. 
Finding yourself here for the first time can evoke a few emotions, and whether you are in awe or in meh, you probably want to get a photo. You might even want to do a handstand. However you go about it, I have just a few tips and pointers that might help you to get an Instagram-worthy photo.
 To read more, go here.

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